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Many are the ballet dancer who suffer from articular and muscular problems because of an incorrect use of own body. The Tango Fusion, is a specific method of bodily preparation for ballet dancer of tango. This technique adapts to every style of tango and is extremely effective both for ballet dancer beginners that for advanced. This method proposes some simple exercises, based on the respiraton, on the relaxation, on the decontrol of the energy, the flexibility of the articulations, the muscular tone, the awareness of own body and the stimulation of the creativity. The technique confers to the ballet dancer fundamental elements. To learn to express own abilities thanks to a best knowledge of own body till to get the fluidity of own movements. To acquire a good posture, equilibrium, flexibility, contact with the ground. To recognize and to correct the incorrect movements that, in the brief one or in the long period, bring to the troubles to the articulations and the musculature. To recognize the physical demands of the tango. For instance, in a simple pivot, movement key in the evolution of the structure of the tango, sacada, boleo and turn, involves a certain movement that is not quite natural. To learn to perform the movements with poetry, to know how to distribute own weight, are essential point for the ballet dancer. What complement of the courses of tango, this method allows the ballet dancer to evolve according to own possibilities and to recognize own limits to be able to express them with the least one of energy and the maximum one of effectiveness. In this way there is the possibility to work individually the complications that appear in the dance of couple.