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Tango; from the Latin "tangere" (to touch), from French "tangare" (to swing), from the African "tambo" (drum).

The Canyengue is the pure essence of the Tango beginning. The primordial tango. Its origins return approximately at the end of the 800. The origin of the Canyengue (it is pronounced: CANJENNGAY), it is Afro that wants to say Walk Rhythmics. It is a sensual and picaresque dance, an incomparable experience; the movements are cut and make it active, the used wisecrack is of 4x8 but with the time the results evolved to what is the present tango with wisecrack of 2x4.

The association MO.C.C.To (MOVE CULTURAL ARGENTINIAN CANYENGUE) a civil association without ends of profit founded by Martha Anton, Manuel Salvador Salvador (El Gallego Manolo), our teachers and Roxina Villegas with Adrian Griffero, to all today, with their incomparable experience, bring all over the world their precious contribution. Our duty is that one to maintain alive with the teaching of this discipline, the memory of those times that were.