artistic curriculum
I have attended prestigious national schools and I have made stages to Buenos Aires with the best Teachers of the world; Martha Anton y Manolo, Jesus Velasquez, Gabriel Missé, Alejandra Martinan, Sergio Cortazzo, Martha Giorgi, Juan Carlos Copes and Mauricio Castro.
From 2004 with Pigi, my husband we bring in the context of parties, performances, fairs and shows of various character, an exhibition entirely devoted to the Argentinian Tango, involving the present public and doing so that the intervention results pleasant with a series of performances of high-level. I assist Pigi in the lessons of Tango, I take care, in particolar way of the posture of the dame and I accent her the female figure. The Tango is to feel, to look at oneself inside and to see oneself to project outside. A personal note to you partner that are reading me; we don't teach the footsteps, we teach the Tango! We wait you.