morbo of parkinson
From recent studies of a group of researchers of the Washington University of Saint Louis, the Argentine Tango would  seem perfect in delaying the typical effects of loss of the morbo of Parkinson, with result than more favorable, which improvements in the motoria ability, greater reactivity in the movements and maintenance of the control of the equilibrium. To all this it joins the social purpose. The Tango in fact, offers to sick an optimal occasion in order to establish new social relations. The Argentine Tango is a true therapeutic support in the disease of Parkinson because it is a dance of couple to closed embrace, that allows limitless a creative freedom and demands a job extremely mental in to favor a strong connection between the will to make the movement and the body that must execute it. The primary objective of the Tango-Therapy is the recovery of lost automatism through an involving music, characterized from an intense rhythm, ideal base to accompany and stimulate the continuity and fluidity in the movement. It follows of equal step the search of a benefit, not less important, that psychological whether relational or emotional. In the light of such studies and searches, our School; Tango Tanto, for academic year 2009-2010, promotes, assisted from expert and competent persons on the problems of the disease of Parkinson, course of Argentine Tango. The interested ones can address to Mr. Luigi Sigorini in Lovere (Bg) tel. +39 3491231931 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it